Tuesday 26 June 2012

Roald Dahl was a Dude

If you ever needed proof that Roald Dahl was a total dude, here it is. In 1989, a seven-year-old named Amy wrote to the author to send him a present - in this case, a bottle containing a mixture of oil, coloured water and glitter; in other words, one of her dreams. Dahl could have totally ignored the reference to The BFG, but he didn't, he chose to send back this charming letter.

You can now find Amy on Twitter here. Dahl, you were a true dude, sir.

Letter courtesy of Letters of Note.


PhilipMSr said...

This just shows you that every fan should be important to the writer and not ignored.

shaun said...

Fantastic. And to think, I'm in the middle of reading The BFG this very moment!

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