Friday 19 March 2010

Fiction Friday #5

This story has been taken down as it's out for submission!

Thursday 18 March 2010

Cool Things To See And Do!

Ever since I got into the blogging 'thing', I've found I really enjoy it. I enjoy writing my own posts, both here and for my fiction serial, Tales from Vertigo City, but I also really enjoy reading other blogs. My Google Reader is full of blogs, from those on writing and blogging, to graphic design, to photography, comics and knitting.

So, to make a change from my usual posts, here are nine of the best posts I've read today!

The Massive List of Ideas for Blog Posts - Marelisa's Abundance Blog

How To Build Your Blog - Elana Johnson

5 Techniques And 10 Tools For Making Blogging Easier - Boagworld

The Secret Strength of Killer Queries: Specificity - Nathan Bransford

What is Structural Editing? - Jodi Cleghorn on Write Anything

What is your pen personality? - Fuel Your Writing

Cool Stuff
The Greatest Spiral Staircase Ever - Craziest Gadgets

Steampunk tattoos - WebUrbanist

Zombie Samurai Transformer - Io9

I also urge you to go and visit the blogs of my fellow Below The Foldians - links to the right!!