Saturday 12 February 2011

A present for Valentine's Day

That over-hyped and tacky day dedicated to commercialism and guilt is almost upon us, but don't fret if you're one of the single people forced to watch others spend lavish amounts of money on horrendous presents for their witless other halves - you can have a present too, and it's actually one you might want!

Jodi Cleghorn, MD of Emergent Publishing, has put together the second literary mixtape, Nothing But Flowers. Twenty four tales of love in a post apocalyptic setting, each story will be posted every hour of Valentine's Day, starting at 9am Australian Eastern Standard Time. You'll be able to read them all for free for two days, after which time they will be available to buy. Not much of a present? Well the proceeds are going to the Grantham Flood support fund so you can read some fantastic stories and help a good cause. Nothing like a spot of altruism to start the day!

In addition, if you "like" the Facebook page, the story links will appear in your newsfeed, while a 'yes' RSVP to the virtual launch party enters you into a competition to win one of four eBooks and a signed paperback. You can also swing by and leave a comment for the wonderful cover illustration, done by my creative partner, Jimmy Misanthrope.

My own story, This Was Paradise, goes live at 3pm Australian Eastern Standard Time (which should be 5am GMT, if my maths is correct). It's based on a true story, set during the 1665 outbreak of plague in England. I spent a lot of time on it, and a lot of time getting the historical details as accurate as I can, so I hope you enjoy it. If you use the player below, you can hear me read the first section.



Magaly Guerrero said...

Well, this sounds like a wonderful present. I mean, what is more romantic than love when everything else is gone? Or rotten? Or has been blown up? Or consumed by zombies? I really hope there are zombies... and even better if the zombies are in love ;-D

Harry said...

Looks good. I clicked on the RSVP, so will check it out. If I'd heard of a call for submissions I would have sent:

Rebecca Emin said...

Ha, loved your intro. Like mine really, only that little bit more scathing!

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