Wednesday 25 December 2013

#Craftblogclub Secret Santa

Earlier this year, I took part in two challenges as part of the #craftblogclub community on Twitter. In September I knitted a notebook cover, and in October I made a Halloween lantern. For Christmas we had a Secret Santa challenge, and we were tasked to craft something for a named recipient!

I chose to hand knit a cowl, or scarflette depending on your chosen terminology. Using two strands of DK yarn (King Cole Merino Blend DK and Sirdar Softspun DK) and 6mm needles, I created this little wonder using rice stitch.

The pattern itself is pretty easy. Holding the two strands, simply cast on 53 stitches.

On row 1, P1, *K1 tbl, p1; rep from * to end .

On row 2, knit all stitches, and repeat these two rows until the work is long enough to wrap around your neck!

Near the end, I created buttonholes by casting off two stitches in three evenly-spaced places on a right side row, and then casting on two stitches in the corresponding places on the wrong side.

Knit six more rows of rice stitch and bind off. Choose three buttons to fit the holes and sew into place!

I really enjoyed making it and I know from Twitter that Denise received it safe and sound, so I wish her all the best with her cosy new cowl! Scarflettes like these are really cool because they don't get in the way like full-length scarves can, and they keep your neck nice and warm. They're also a quick knit!

We were also supposed to post pictures of what we'd received, and this is what I got on Monday! It's a truly beautiful gift and is now happily hanging on my tree with my metallic stars and Venetian masks. The colour scheme matches my usual palette perfectly, and I love the fact that it is personalised! My secret Santa has been very secret indeed so if you made this beautiful item, let me know so I can thank you properly!


Anonymous said...

I love your scarflette, Icy! So clever of you. And I love how your Secret Santa has personalised your gift too. Really thoughtful :)

Anthea said...

I love your knitted cowl - I might just have to make one for myself!! Your Secret Santa gift is beautiful too :-)

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