Monday 20 May 2013

Buy The Guns of Retribution as a paperback

Back in September 2011, my first novella was published by Pulp Press as both a paperback and a Kindle e-book. The Guns of Retribution has since been described as "a fun read", an "an easily digestible page-turner", and "a joy, containing all the action and adventure of an old school western", while readers were warned that "you'll get to like the characters and sometimes Bad Things Happen to them". All high praise indeed! You can still read the reviews on Amazon.

For various reasons that I'm not going to go into, The Guns of Retribution is no longer available as a paperback from Amazon, and in anticipation of its re-release in electronic form, I'm offering up for sale the last of the print run! There might never be another one, so this is your chance to buy Guns on paper. I'll even sign it for you.

The cover price is £7.99, but I'm offering copies for £5 each, plus shipping. I've already worked out that for the UK, it'll cost £8. For the US, it'll be a total of $14.50. For Australia it'll be $15AUS, and it'll be $15CAN for Canada - email for other destinations.

If you're interested in buying one of the last few copies, just send me an email!


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