Friday 8 February 2013

#FridayFlash - We Could Be Heroes

"Ere, Simon, how do you know you can die?"


"I said, how do you know you'll die? Or that you even can?" 

"What are you on about now?"

"I was just thinking. You could have superpowers or something, so how do you know you even can die unless you try it?"

"Don't be stupid, everyone can die. It's a given."

"Yeah man, that's what they want you to think."

"Oh don't start with all your conspiracy theory rubbish. It's too early in the day for that."

"It's not a conspiracy theory. What if it turned out you'd gotten superpowers during the night and you were now invincible - how would you even know?"

"That's ridiculous."

"So come at it another way - we all reckon we can die because people keep doing it, but how do you know you actually will?"

"It's the natural law."

"But how do you know?"

"I don't, but I'm certainly not going to try it to check either way."

"You've got no vision, have you?"

"Well you do it then."

"Fine. I will."

"No! Don't! Don't jump out the-"


"Eric? Eric?!"

"It's okay, I'm alright! I told you I couldn't die!"

"Oh don't be stupid. I just looked out - you landed in a dumpster!"


Sulci Collective said...

... just for one day!

Nice portrayal of youthful dreams and imaginations let off the leash

marc nash

Helen A. Howell said...

Ha! Thank goodness for the dumpster! Thanks for the smile Icy!

Harry said...

"You've got no vision, have you?"

certainly not x-ray

One thing he is sure of now: He can't fly.

Funny and realistic bone-head banter, Icy.

Peter Newman said...

He's certainly dumb enough to be an immortal...

Bevimus said...

This had me thinking about Unbreakable but ended in a much funnier place.

mazzz_in_Leeds said...

I hope there will be more strategically placed dumpsters in this guy's future so his friend doesn't have to mourn him before his time!

John Wiswell said...

Well, maybe he has the superpower to manifest dumpsters beneath any reasonable fall. You won't know until further testing!

Larry Kollar said...

A wonderful laugh for Friday morning! Good to know things worked out. Kids always do think they're immortal, huh?

Tony Noland said...

Heh. These two sound like the co-champions of the Knucklehead League.

Anonymous said...

Scary and hilarious at once, which means You've Got Talent Icy. :)
Truly great portrayal in dialogue alone, super work!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely love the tone you set in the first line Icy. The "ere" was especially well-observed.
Their seeming stupidity hides an intriguing philosophical conundrum and it was fun to watch them grappling with it.

Anonymous said...

It's a great question: how would we know? I love the dialogue, super way of telling this story and giving us the characters without other clues. Really enjoyed this, Icy.

Take care,

Cindy Vaskova said...

This is like a new level of dare!
The dialogue had me smiling throughout the read and for a moment you had me with the finale - I was sure it would be a grim ending, but thank God for that dumpster!

Steve Green said...

Heheh! Let's hope that Eric doesn't get himself, or anyone else killed trying to prove his theory.

Thanks for the smiles Icy. :-)

Saffy said...

You know I actually knew a guy like that when I was 16 :/ He grew out of it after a shattered shin.

Thanks for sharing.


Cat Russell said...

But a dumpster full of WHAT? Mattresses? *rimshot*

Anonymous said...

LOL God protects madmen and idiots. So he might be immortal.

Anonymous said...

Phew - you had me worried there. Brilliant all dailogue piece Icy, you really set the tone and pace nicely. These two sound like they could become regulars... maybe?

Katherine Hajer said...

Perfect pitch on this one -- sounds like a lot of "morning after the night before" discussions I've had the bad luck to overhear.

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