Sunday 7 October 2012

The Goings On of Icy

I haven't really done many posts about myself for a while, I suppose in part because I can't think who'd be interested (well, that, and most people who read my blog follow me on Twitter so you get to hear my rants waffle on there). Still, I figured I should probably do some sort of update about what I'm getting up to at the moment.

First off, where the heck has the year gone? Can't quite believe it's October already. It just seems like yesterday that I was getting excited to go to Venice in July, and the whole summer stretched ahead of me like a season of promise and potential. Now it's nearly Halloween...

I finally bought a Kindle! I also got it a very cool Frankenstein cover. I'm currently reading Helen Howell's Jumping at Shadows on it, and it's so much easier reading off the e-ink screen that it is the screen on my Android. That'll make it so much easier taking books to and from work - plus it's lighter, so hopefully it'll make my bag lighter, and thus less stressful on my back. But isn't the cover cool?!

The second year of my teacher training course kicked off in a big way on Friday so I'll be devoting a lot of time to that between now and May. Between that, my day job, my PhD and editing on The Necromancer's Apprentice, I won't be taking on any new commitments until at least Easter or so! I expect to be rather busy over the coming months.

Speaking of my PhD, I'm currently working on my second 'big' chapter (my first being my literature review, in which I summed up which texts I'm planning to use in my discussion). This chapter is an overview of the horror genre within cinema, ranging from around 1910-1978. That's a lot of horror and I've only got about 8000 words in which to do it, so I'm finding keeping to the word limit to be a whole lot harder than the actual work. I'm reading some fascinating books so it's all very interesting, and I get to watch horror films and claim it's research. I've just finished writing the section on German Expressionism, which special emphasis on The Cabinet of Dr Caligari, Nosferatu and Der Golem, and I'm moving on to horror's "classic" age, in the 1930s. Many critics seem to think that one neatly leads on to the other, pointing to the move of Paul Leni to Hollywood in the 1920s, but to do so completely ignores the horror production within silent Hollywood, namely films such as Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde starring John Barrymore in 1923, or Lon Chaney's starring roles in The Hunchback of Notre Dame in 1923 and Phantom of the Opera in 1925. Madness, I tell you.

Anyway. Watching all of these classic horror films has me staring at the exceptionally beautiful leading ladies, and it's got me experimenting with my own image a tad. Behold! Me with curly hair, retro makeup, and a suitably vintage Photoshop treatment. I actually went out like this last night, my look complete with fake beauty spot, false eyelashes and suitably slinky black dress, but I can't help thinking it makes me stick out like a sore thumb in Newcastle. Still, it's a look I'm fascinated by, so I'll probably spend the rest of the year working on variations of it. In case you're interested, the makeup I used is a combination of Max Factor, No.7 and Soap & Glory.

I think that's enough waffle from me. What have you all been up to?


Tony Noland said...

Been polishing/editing my novel about the Grammarian, working up a query letter for it and dithering on how to bring it to publication. Also been giving thought to NaNoWriMo.

Just today, am back from a weekend retreat with 34 kids for my church. Included rock climbing, zip lining, and explanation and discussion of the difference between giving charity and working toward social justice. Also talked with Muslim refugee families my church helped escape Iraqi and Syria - got an interesting discussion of how they (as Muslims) view and regard Jesus.

Am working out the engineering on how to suspend an extra-long shower curtain rod.

No new hairdos, makeup or photography to report.

Larry Kollar said...

Here, I'm spending the weekend at my Mom's summer place in NC, getting ready for a blog tour, and starting to send out the Pickups and Pestilence beta. Mom's one of the beta reader, and had some useful feedback right out of the gate. Still, it's a little unnerving to know the person sitting across the room from you is reading your book at that moment…

Headin' home tomorrow. Back to work on Tuesday, just in time for it to warm up again. :-/

Nice job with the makeup & Photoshop'ing. I think you might be the best self-portraitist out there.

Helen A. Howell said...

I really enjoyed reading this post Icy. Love the cover to your kindle, so cool. And how cool is that watching all those old horror movies. You know the first horror movie I ever saw at the cinema was when I got in under age and saw The Kiss of the Vampire 1963 by Hammer Film - I was just 13 but it was amazing how a bit of make up help you pass for the right age. ^_^

What have I been doing? Well, as you know I haven't been well, but am much better now. I used the time I have taken off my blog for editing a serial of mine called I Know You Know - a psychic thriller - the first three chapters of which are now in a publishers hands - so I wait and see whether they are still interested.
I am now about to start writing more episodes of my current serial Mind Noise and soon I expect to come back to friday flash. Oh yes one of my horror stories made it into the FEAR anthology published by Crooked Cat Publishing.

No need hair dos for me, just the same old same old look ^__^

Helen A. Howell said...

Opps that should read no new hair dos - ^_^

thorns said...

Great update, Icy. I've been up to my ears in trouble. First off, great job on the retro classicist makeup job - you look great. Secondly, congrats on getting your Kindle. You will want to immediately look up Victor Hugo's rarely-talked about novel, THE MAN WHO LAUGHS. It is available for FREE on for Kindle download -- on account that it's in the public domain. I discovered this excellent novel by way of having discovered that the inspiration for the original (Bob Kane) Batman's JOKER came from the classic silent film adaptation of THE MAN WHO LAUGHS, starring that most exalted of silent film stars, Conrad Veidt. I bring this up on account of the fact you mention The Cabinet Of Dr Caligari, which I believe was the first movie Conrad Veidt starred in, as he was originally from Germany. He went on to fulfill a legendary career in cinema--with one of his last movies being Casablanca (he played the Nazi). He emigrated from Nazi Germany for England, where I understand he married a Jewish woman, and finished his career as an actor there. But I digress. You absolutely must YouTube The Man Who Laughs - and be sure to watch the one that does NOT include a *modern soundtrack*...instead, watch for one in 11 parts, each about 10 minutes long - that's how my wife and I watched it - and if this movie does not elicit tears at the end - you are even Icier than I thought. ;)

What have I been up to ? Despairing over the insufficient submissions for my FREEZINE, that's what. Last issue was APRIL...*but there will be another*. I have a feeling that the western John Shirley was going to submit to the FREEZINE is "Claw Spurs" - which he managed to get published in a collection, recently. (That is why he sent me the science fiction novelette ELDER CRUISER, instead, which is a lovely narrative indeed, and I am proud to have published it on the FREEZINE.

Besides reproducing, I am eagerly awaiting enough varied submissions to put out another issue of the FREEZINE, soon (hopefully). I believe 18 subscribers cancelled - due to the inactivity, I suppose - but it's their loss, as the FREEZINE is immortal, and suffers not the passage of time. I may even abolish all Date/Time-stamps on it, to convey the sense of permanence I intend for this 21st century fanzine. It will take more time and energy for it to keep growing - and I intend to supervise that, when I can, for the rest of my days. So have patience, I will be in touch and let you know when the next issue might come out (I was hoping this month, but we'll have to see).

Thanks for keeping us posted on your whereabouts and doings, until next time...
~I bid thee adieu.

Icy Sedgwick said...

Aw, it's nice to hear what everyone's up to! Everyone sounds so busy. Shawn, I REALLY want to see The Man Who Laughs as one of Universal's last horror-spectaculars of the silent era, so I'll definitely get myself onto Youtube to find it. I love Conrad Veidt.

Unknown said...

I'm somebody who's interested in your posts. When I get into a writing lull (like I'm in now), it's stuff like your blogs that help me get going again!

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