Wednesday 5 September 2012

The countdown begins

It's hard to believe that Monday marks the one year anniversary since The Guns of Retribution came out for the Kindle - two weeks later, it's the paperback release anniversary. Where on earth does the time go? I'm sure that proper authors don't bother marking anniversaries in such a fashion but I'm still really proud of The Guns of Retribution, and it's not every day you have a book published for the first time.

My idea is this - starting on Monday, I'm going to hold a two week long celebration of the Old West here at the Blunt Pencil, while some very excellent bloggers have agreed to let me post my Western-themed waffle at their blogs at the same time. The Western is sometimes seen as being a bit unfashionable or out-of-date but I hope my fortnight of festivities might change a few minds.

If you want to read The Guns of Retribution in advance, then you can buy the Kindle copy here in the US or here in the UK. I've got eight 5* reviews and counting...


Wayne Booker said...

And bought :)

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