Monday 24 September 2012

Celebrating The Guns of Retribution

Well today is the last day of my The Guns of Retribution celebration, since today marks the one year anniversary since it came out in paperback. Where does the time go, eh?

I just really wanted to thank everyone who's bought and reviewed it, and everyone who's enjoyed it and asked me to write another. I love working with my bounty hunter and I've been really glad to see people enjoy the Friday flashes I've put up over the last fortnight (The Bounty and Mahko). I also wanted to thank Heath Lowrance, Carrie Clevenger, Matt Pizzolato, Nerine Dorman, Tony Noland and Pete Newman for hosting me at their blog, and I want to thank Tony Bengtsson for dropping by at the Blunt Pencil and letting me interview him.

You can get Dead Man's Hand, the interconnected three-part story that relates to Guns, from Amazon (if you want to pay $1.23 or 77p and help fund my writing), or you can download it free in .mobi, .epub or PDF from my website.


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