Wednesday 16 May 2012

Free Kindle Books!

Got a bit of a lovely post today since I'm able to tell you about two anthologies that are available for FREE on the Kindle, both today and tomorrow. The Red Book and The Yin and Yang Book are part of eMergent Publishing's Chinese Whisperings project, and you'll be able to pick them up for the princely sum of nothing. My story, The Strangest Comfort, appears in the latter.

But what makes the Chinese Whisperings anthologies unique? I'll let editor Jodi Cleghorn explain...

"Each anthology is a collection of interwoven short stories by emerging writers handpicked from across the English-speaking world. Unlike other anthologies, Chinese Whisperings is created in a sequential fashion and each story stands on its own merits while contributing to a larger, connected narrative.

The Red Book, the first of the anthologies has each successive writer taking a minor character from the preceding story and telling their story as the major character in the next story. Each writer also references events from the preceding story to tie the ten stories together. The anthology can be re forward, or backward, or begun in any place because of its circular nature.

The Yin and Yang Book takes the concept a step further, with the anthology played across parallel airport universes stemming from a decision to retrieve a stolen painting or to leave without it. It's a sliding doors/spider web hybrid. Readers will see common characters slipping across the two universes, some of them behaving in slightly different ways. The parallel universes are anchored between a common prologue and epilogue."
You can pick up The Red Book here, and The Yin and Yang Book here!


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