Friday 9 December 2011

Friday Flash - Where is Captain Astounding?

City superhero, Captain Astounding, has gone missing just days after we published his opinion piece, beseeching the good people of this City not to fall for Icy Von Doom's recent recruitment drive. The alarm was raised yesterday evening after two separate incidents saw the use of the A Signal, with no response from the Captain. Police were forced to contain an armed robbery at the City Bank and a riot at the City Prison with no assistance from Captain Astounding. Two scheduled appearances, at the City Library and City General Hospital, were also cancelled after the Captain failed to arrive.

"It is a matter of some concern, yes. We had the signal lit on two separate occasions and there was no sign of him. We have no other way of contacting him. We didn't even want to make it public knowledge due to the security risks involved but we hope that someone may have information," said Chief Superintendent Barry Beckers. "If anyone has seen anything, or knows anything, then we ask they come forward."

Gossip columnist Miranda Sparkles has suggested that Icy Von Doom may have had a hand to play in Captain Astounding's disappearance, describing the villain's alarming animal squads as being "the perfect disposal method". However, the supervillain has been away from the city on a research trip in the south Pacific for several days, and her Corporation strenuously deny her involvement.

"We can categorically state that Ms Von Doom has had no involvement with the disappearance of Captain Astounding, and she wishes his speedy and safe return along with the rest of the City's population," said Von Doom's righthand woman, Dr Online. "Though personally, I think it's a shame that Captain Astounding is incommunicado. After all, the winner of the £136million lottery jackpot has also disappeared and the City needs the Captain's expertise in locating the missing man."

We will bring you more on this story as it develops, but any citizens with any information on the disappearance of the Captain are to contact the police immediately.


Raven Corinn Carluk said...

Oh no, Captain Astounding is gone. There will be riots and disquiet and chaos.


Unknown said...

Imagine that. The police had to stop a bank robbery themselves! What kind of a world are we living in.

I bet he hightailed it out of there to frame poor Icy Von Doom. He's probably sipping martini's in the Mediterranean right now.


Tony Noland said...

If I won £136,000,000, I'd probably quit my day job, too. *wink*

Harry said...

Astounding's disappearance is baffling! As well as quite amusing! Will we ever find out what has become of the City Superhero? I'll sure stay tuned to find out!

Anonymous said...

Poor Captain Astounding! Bet the ebil ebil Icy Von Doom kidnapped him and is conducting research on him. Oh whatever will the poor citizens do?

Larry Kollar said...

I rather expect that if Von Doom was involved at all, it was to rig the lottery in her nemesis's favor. Kill 'em with kindness!

Helen A. Howell said...

Oh no Captain Astounding is missing. The Lottery Winner is missing, what a coincidence, wait a minute, it couldn't be? Surely not? Perhaps, is he? One and the same person?

I wonder what's its like on the French Riviera this time of the year?

Steve Green said...

I think he's taking a well deserved rest, and letting the cops earn their living for a change.

And Icy... The A signal? (Chuckle)

Anonymous said...

This is such a fun series, Icy. At the end of each story I hear an old radio voice in my head saying "Stay tuned for next week's episode..." :)

Chuck Allen said...

I'm guessing the Cayman Islands. At least that's where I'd be. I'm loving the super hero series, Icy.

Tim VanSant Writes said...

I think Captain A and the lottery winner should spring for a post card at least to let us know they are OK. How much you wanna bet we only get one card?

Carrie Clevenger said...

Too cute! A news report, now where did he go...

Icy Sedgwick said...

Raven - I'm not sure anyone will notice!

Michael - I don't think anyone will miss him.

Tony - Hehehe.

Harry - He has an amazing sense of timing, doesn't he?

Sonia - I'm sure they'll cope!

FAR - Hehe, far more likely!

Helen - I'm sure we'll get a postcard letting us know!

Steve - *bows*

Danni - I'm just taking a bit of a break from the serious stuff.

Chuck - I'd be off to flit around Europe if it were me!

Tim - Hehehe, probably.

Carrie - Stay tuned to find out!

Unknown said...

I like Tony's view. Great voice and I'm looking forward to finding out where he's been.

Peter Newman said...

Come back Captain, we need you!

John Wiswell said...

Captain Astounding isn't your boyfriend, is he? Because that would be such a great twist.

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