Thursday 13 October 2011

More books!

Not only will I have a short story appearing in the upcoming anthology by Pulp Press and For Book's Sake, I also have stories in TWO anthologies put together by Emergent Publishing!

I wrote my story for the Chinese Whisperings anthology, The Yin Book, which I blogged about here, back in October 2010. The Strangest Comfort comes from somewhat personal experience and it's wonderful to finally see it in print. The book is already available in Kindle format from Amazon, but as you can see by the photo, it'll also be out in paperback format! It's a wonderful collection of interrelated stories, all located in an airport at the moment when an airline collapses. It's quite a bold fictional experiment, and pulls together work by a diverse group of upandcoming writers. I also owe Emergent somewhat, since it was on the Chinese Whisperings project that I met Rob Diaz, who has gone on to become a trusted friend and beta reader! It's also nice to see the Yin and Yang books collected alongside each other - there are plenty of interesting characters to get to know here!

As well as The Yin & Yang Book, I also have a story in the forthcoming Literary Mix Tape collection, Eighty Nine. All of the stories were inspired by songs released in 1989, my own being 30 Years in the Bathroom by The Wonder Stuff. Some of the stories are testament to the social and political upheaval that characterised the end of the Eighties, while other stories (mine included) pay homage to the rich pop culture of the era. Thirty Years in the Bathroom stars an ageing actress who'll do anything to maintain her youth, in a bit of a twist on the Dorian Gray idea.

Both books will be available for purchase very very soon, and I'll post more details once they're on sale!


Anonymous said...

Massive rounds of applause, Icy. Well done.
Adam B @revhappiness

Laurita said...

Congrats, Icy. You are on fire.

Larry Kollar said...

Woohoo! Go Icy!

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