Friday 26 August 2011

Friday Flash - Crocodile Tears

A single tear
Image by Lisa Humes
As you may know, I moved yesterday, leaving London behind for my North Eastern homeland. The move went well and I'm glad to be home again.

Still, I pride myself on my organisational abilities so I had a Friday Flash written and ready to post at the weekend! Crocodile Tears is another Tale from Vertigo City so you can find it here. It's unrelated to my other tales so don't worry if you've never visited Vertigo before, but if you find you like it, my steampunk short, The First Tale, is still just 99c on both Smashwords and Amazon.


John Wiswell said...

If I get praised for use of detail in my work this week, then you deserve the same. The specifics, like the ball of fluff early on, bring this piece to tangibility.

Unknown said...

Hope the move went well!

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