Tuesday 21 September 2010

The Second Tale arrives

Honestly, Vertigo City is beginning to take over my life! After the release of The First Tale as an e-book last week, I've begun work on the follow-up, called City Alchemy. The story sees Liss go in search of her missing little sister, Teva, before going freelance as an adventurer-for-hire! There will be lots more of Two, for all those fans of the obedient automaton with a heart of copper.

Still, the focus this week is on the start of The Second Tale. An altogether different beast from its steampunk predecessor, The Second Tale is a more noir-ish yarn about a jaded superhero called, originally enough, The Hero.

This incarnation of Vertigo City is more in keeping with Metropolis or Gotham City, populated by dames and hoods, as well as citizens just trying to get through the day. The Hero will have to fight a battle on two fronts, as he seeks to better his superhero competition in Vertigo, all while trying to track down Le Chat Mystérieux, a mysterious and dangerous thief...

Part One is live now.


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