Saturday 5 June 2010

Icy's First Vlog

So, after much persuasion by Eisley Jacobs, I finally got around to recording my first vlog! I recorded it this morning, and have finally gotten around to adding titles, and uploading it to Youtube.



Eisley Jacobs said...

You are so cute! You should totally try to write a comic... ;) I have seen comics that have stick drawings and are funny ;) You should totally try!!

Cant wait to see what your new project with the writing and someone else drawing!

And I can understand you JUST FINE! :) Love your accent! :)

Icy Sedgwick said...

I am not cute >.< But thanks!

Soooo glad you can understand me though. Was a bit paranoid about my accent!

Anonymous said...

Hey Icy, love your accent! Says someone from the Antipodes and speaks in a 'Strayan (Australian) accent. And who got to your hair with a crimping iron?
Love your ideas about comics; I was always a Phantom comic reader myself. I wonder if there is a way of utilising picture book construction and comic book storytelling. Are comics picture books for adults? Is there a darker purpose that can be used for comics? Have a look for Shaun Tan, an Australian author/illustrator who does some remarkable things.

Icy Sedgwick said...

I did my hair with the crimping iron - didn't realise it was going to end up so massive now it's been cut!

I think in some ways that comics can say a lot of things that fiction can't precisely because they get dismissed as being 'for kids'. I certainly wouldn't let kids read something like The Boys, but because they operate on the periphery of the mainstream, I think they get away with more.

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