Tuesday 18 May 2010

Procrastination Blues

Dear friends...I am procrastinating. Again. It's amazing that I'm even writing this entry, and not finding other things to do instead (while simultaneously complaining about not writing enough blog posts). Despite the introduction of a writing schedule, I find that I'm still not getting enough done. Oh, I'm managing to write my Friday flashes, I'm keeping up with my serial, and I'm even working on my Fowlis Westerby novel, but I keep finding that I have more and more things that I want to do with my waking hours that aren't spent chained to an office desk. They're not even always writing related - I have several drawing projects and knitting endeavours that I want to start (let alone finish).

So what do I do? Since I bought a Netbook last week and can now type to my heart's content on the way to and from work, I'm finding it a lot easier to find the time and the space to write (especially since I seem to work better when I'm not at home). But what do I do about the other projects? None of them are 'important' to my goals as a writer, but they're important to me in other areas of my life, and when I neglect those, my writing suffers. Besides, some of the knitting projects are going to be for sale, as I have a very very special trip to save up for, and could really use the extra funds.

So please. Help a struggling 'artist' out. How do you combat procrastination, and find enough hours in the day to do everything?


Jen said...

It's tough, hey? Sometimes I divide everything into important categories: writing, school, health, etc. So even though I might give writing the majority of my time, if I'm not accomplishing in other categories, I need to fix the balance.

Marisa Birns said...

I agree with Jen about having a balance. If that means that you don't have a flash for every Friday, for example, so be it.

Those other projects ARE important to your goals as a writer because, as you said, your writing suffers when you neglect them.

Benjamin Solah said...

I've been setting monthly goals as well as weekly word count goals to keep on task, and then daily to-do lists as well. Getting pretty organised - but the main thing is keeping on motivating myself via keeping in contact with writing friends and reading.

LigOFE said...

maybe you are doing enough.... maybe you need the bit of free time.... i'm the wrong person to help you though i think, right now i'm in bed, not doing any of my many projects...
i've found projects dont get done unless they want to.... drinking and/or staying up late don't work either..
good tunes(you know who) tend to be the only way i do anything, one album on repeat, crimson or here to infirmary are quite good, and sit and tell yourself to bleedin do summat.....

Icy Sedgwick said...

I think you're all right...I need to have an idea of a balance. I mean, if I spend all my time doing my drawing projects then I won't be doing my writing, which means I'll get cross with myself and whatever I DO draw will be crap...but then if I solely focus on my writing, I'll get annoyed with myself for ignoring everything else...and if I don't manage to raise extra funds through my knitting then I'll be even MORE cross.

And yes, Alkaline Trio always help.

Anonymous said...

There needs to be a balance between priority and sacrifice. One thing to the detriment of anther is not healthy, nor is sacrificing everything for the pursuit of one goal. I like Ben's idea of daily and weekly goals; things that are achievable and measurable.

Carrie Clevenger said...

I have my creativity work in shifts. I start the thought process on Sunday for the next #Fridayflash, and my serials have no schedule whatsoever.

Drawing is something I can't fully focus on and write excellent at the same time. I have 'days-off' from creativity as well.

I also multi-task, ie: watch a movie I've been dying to see while doing household chores, or at the office when we are idle. I review albums all day, and write during periods of inactivity.

The netbook is a great tool to use, especially with one of those huge batteries. I love technology. Above all, don't be hard on yourself. You're just one person, and can't do everything all the time.

Good luck.

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