Saturday 9 January 2010

Silver Blade - A Spot of Promotion

There are an awful lot of online magazines and anthologies out there in the cobwebby recesses of the Internet, and I thought I would take this opportunity to briefly swing my torch and shine its light onto one of my favourites, Silver Blade.

Yes, it's true, I am slightly biased towards them as they've published two of my pieces in the past. In The Shadows holds the honour of being the first piece of fiction they accepted, while Spring Returns was a contender for their first contest (although it didn't win). These two fantasy stories inhabit a different fictional terrain from my usual stamping ground, but thanks to their careful attention and supportive feedback, I'm actually very proud of both pieces.

Fantasy as a genre is often derided as nonsensical or just plain silly. Princes rescue princesses, witches thwart the best efforts of noble heroes, orcs and elves cavort among talking trees, and magic is as central to the world of the characters as the Internet is to ours. Despite this, I think that it can still say as much about politics or current events as science fiction. Sci-fi does so with aliens and spaceships, fantasy does so with evil sorcerers or brave warriors. No real difference - both genres utilise archetypes and metaphor - only one is hailed as visionary, the other dismissed as Tolkien-esque tosh. Poppycock, says I. You hear that, Internet? Poppycock!

Anyway. I wanted to recommend that fans of fantasy, both classic and modern alike, take a gander at the work on offer on Silver Blade. The editors work closely with their writers, and are trying to build a supportive environment within the competitive and often harsh world of publishing. If you like it, check out the work of Silver Pen, the charitable organisation sitting behind Silver Blade. Even better - submit something yourself!


John C. Mannone said...

Thank you for the nice words, Icy. I completely agree with you that fantasy can provide a subtext for human relationships, socio-economic statements, political issues, etc. And you are spot on about Silver Blade (and her sister publication, Liquid Imagination) breaking away from the stereotypical ezine on fantasy, horror, or any other speculative fiction for that matter.

My poems and essays are published in Silver Blade, and I have a short story forthcoming in Liquid Imagination.

I serve on Silver Pen.

Yes, submit to both. You will see great things from both these venues.

John C. Mannone

Icy Sedgwick said...

I really pleased to see both sites doing so well, and not just because I've been published in them! I think they're both doing very valuable work, and it's so refreshing, and encouraging, for writers to have somewhere to turn that isn't going to dismiss them without a bye or leave.

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