Friday 1 January 2010

2010: Those pesky 'resolutions'

2009 has slunk off quietly to crawl under the rock from whence it came, and now we're in a shiny new year.

Well, in time honoured tradition, I'm not making resolutions for the New Year. Why? Because it's intrinsic to my nature to break them. I'll resolve to lose weight while eating "just one more" mince pie, and I'll resolve to rein in my spending while compulsively surfing eBay. So in a potentially foolhardy endeavour to fool myself, I shall set myself targets. I like having goals to meet - it's a good motivator for me. So here are ten things I intend to do in 2010.

1) Spend more time with my other half. He supports my writing so he's already special.
2) Master teleportation. I realise this is unlikely but anything is possible in this day and age.
3) Finish redrafting my first novel and start getting it out to agents.
4) Learn Russian. I studied it for two years at school and as I've wanted to learn a new language for a while, it makes sense to do one I've already got some knowledge of. This also relates to Intention #1.
5) Annex at least a small portion of this planet as my very own territory. Sadly the name 'Iceland' is taken.
6) Read at least one novel every month.
7) Find and keep a new job.
8) Learn how to play chess. I refuse to be bested by a game.
9) Return to my second novel and finish a first draft.
10) Learn to play the harmonica. I've had one sitting in my drawer for five years - time to start giving it a go, methinks.

Wish me luck!


kathrynjankowski said...

Удачи и хорошего настроения!

No, I don't speak Russian. I found this at


Dat Basstard said...

I would suggest "Icyland" as a name for territory but that sounds too much like a theme park.

Icy Sedgwick said...

@Kathryn - Спасибо!

Eisley Jacobs said...

Harmonica!? Coool! Maybe you should vlog your progress... ;)

Icy Sedgwick said...

I have a rather masochistic desire to see if Saint-Saëns' Danse Macabre can be played on the harmonica...

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