Sunday 18 October 2009


So I went out today and bought a brand new A4 notebook. Normally I'd tell myself that I'll do all of my word sketches, brainstorming and other assorted brain dumps on the computer, since I can type faster than I scrawl, but for once I felt I should do it all by hand. I'm less distracted by the allure of the Internet if I'm bound by the constraints of pen and paper, and already I've been scribbling down ideas to help articulate the image I currently have held in my mind's eye, as clear to me internally as the image of this laptop is on my retinas.

Whether this current image will spark an idea for this year's NaNoWriMo attempt or not remains to be seen, but essentially this notebook has already made me reconnect with the process of writing, and that can only ever be a good thing...


Anonymous said...

That is how i write, i scrawl in my notebooks because that way inspiration comes to me quicker, i find it more romantic. But it does waste a lot of time, when you have to retype everything.

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