Monday 12 January 2009


Afternoon, all!

I'm Icy, and I'm pleased to meet you. I'm going to keep this introduction as brief as possible - I'm a 25-year-old Geordie ex-pat living in London. Daytime finds me working as an account manager in leafy west London, while my evenings are often spent at the laptop, tapping out some new flash fiction or working on my novel.

I intend to keep this blog so that anyone who discovers my work and decides they like it can keep up with what I'm doing, but hopefully I'll find the time to write a few literary posts about whatever I'm reading at the time. My tastes span comics to the classics, so that should be fun. Well, for me at least.

Anyway. You can check the links below if you get bored - I've included a handy list of where my work has been published if you want to check up on previous credits.



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